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2012 Topps Preview

Posted: October 26, 2011 in 2012 Topps Baseball, Topps

2011 Topps Update has just hit the shelfs and the World Series isn’t even over yet, but it’s never to early to take a look at next years Topps Baseball release.

The Topps Legends site finally went live this week, and opened to mix reviews from collectors. Unlike the Topps Diamond baseball codes where you always got a card and then a “dig” to get a ring, the Legends site is slightly different. Collectors can uncover a special die-cut Super Bowl Legends card or one of the three types of digital items; Super Bowl coins, Super Bowl jerseys or digital rings.

I had 10 cards here’s a look at what I was able to unlock.

1) Lions Ring

2) Roger Staubach Ring

3) Joe Namath Card (Right)

4) Baltimore Colts – Super Bowl V

5) Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl IV

6) Washington Redskins – Super Bowl XXVI

7)New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl XLIV

8 ) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Super Bowl XXXVII

9)Rams Ring

10) New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVIII

When Christian Lopez decided to return Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball on Saturday it’s a good chance he didnt expect what would happen in the next few days. Since Lopez was nice enough to give Jeter the ball instead of trying to cash in on it the Yankees offered up some memorabilia and luxury box tickets to the remaining home games.  Overall, a nice trade right? Well now comes word that Lopez would owe anywhere between $5,000-$14,000 in taxes on his “free” items. Lopez told the Daily News, “Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to pay the taxes,” “The IRS has a job to do, so I’m not going to hold it against them, but it would be cool if they helped me out a little on this.”

The gifts keep coming for Lopez, coming to Topps packs soon will be a Christian Lopez baseball card and he’ll choose the image for its 2012 Jeter card. O yeah, he’ll also get a 2009 World Series ring. Lopez said he collected cards as a kid, and probably has a couple thousand baseball cards.

2011 Topps Series 2

10 Packs = 1 Throwback Patch Card – 8 Cards – $19.99

Pack 1

Yankees (TC), V. Wells,  Cliff Lee/Greinke (DD), Ed Mathews (60YOT), Joba, Mitch Morland, (2) Travis Buck  (Yes 2)

Pack 2

(2) Longoria, (2) Figgins, Quentin, Utley (Diamond Stars), Bench (Topps60), V. Wells,  (Doubles of Longoria & Figgins)

Pack 3

Gallardo, Heisey, Rangers (TC), Jonny Gomes (Gold 1045/2011),McCann (Diamond Ann), Blackburn, Sean Rodriguez, Ryan Sweeney

Pack 4

Tim Collins, Ibanez, Abreu, Diamond Givaway – 1985 Lee Tunnell & Stan Musial Ring, Robin Roberts (Mini), Arencibia, Ohlendorf, Willits

Pack 5

Bartlett, Joba, Moreland, Greinke/Gallardo (DD), Posey (60YOT), Posey, Maybin, French

Pack 6

Hughes, Aybar, Gregerson, Upton (TT), Seaver (Topps 60), Affeldt, Hammel, Ludwick

Pack 7

Baker. Morales, Talbot, Porcello (Diamon Ann), Schilling (60YOT), Cameron, Blanton, Morse

Pack 8

Roberts, Adcock, Minor, Gary Carter (Mini), Cano (Diamon Stars), Burnett, Colby Lewis, Francisco Rodriguez

Pack 9

Livan Hernandez, Cecil, Cahill, Lincecum/Wilson (DD), Dale Murphy (60YOT Orginal Back), Wade Davis, Felix Hernandez, Theriot

Pack 10

Matt Harrison, Okajima, Billingsley, Diamond Giveaway – 2006 Jose Contresras & Blujays ring, McCutchen (Topps 60), Fister, Posada, Andrus

Patch Card Pack

Robinson Cano 1920’s New York Yankees




Overall not too bad, about the same insert as series one. I like the look of these patch cards even if they are manufactured, I didn’t like the amount of doubles that popped up in the first few packs. Good cards for the set builders

Some people collect, some people just wants to make money. Recently Jessica Rao, of CNBC, gave us 8 Rules to Remember about Investing in Memorabilia. Check it out at

I just saw a very interesting article by Chris Olds over at Beckett, and it seems all those cards we got in the Topps giveaways, mostly commons, will go back to Topps if we dont claim them. Check out the article over at Beckett by clicking here.

If you wonder into your local Walmart you’ll find these 2010 Topps Baseball Value boxes. Each box contains (1) Exclusive Chrome Refractor cards, (6) packs of Topps series 2, (1) A&G Hooby packs, and (1) Million Card Giveaway Code Card.

Here’s the Box Break Breakdown

(1) Cal Ripken Jr Chrome Refractor Card

(1) Topps Code Card – 1989 Topps George Brett

(1) A&G –  Giant Panda Mini

(6) Topps Packs

Pack 1

Ronny Paulino (Gold), Jake Peavy (Turkey Red)

Pack 2

Walter Johnson (History of World Series)

Pack 3

Austin Jackson (Gold), Million Card Giveaway Code – 1979  Alan Trammell

Pack 4

Eddie Murphy (CMT), Brad Lincoln (AUTO)

Pack 5

Felix Hernandez (PP)

Pack 6

Jim Bunning (CMT)

A Stephen Strasburg Topps Timeline.

Another short-printed variation has been found in a pack of 2010 Topps Baseball and this time it’s Milton Bradley and Abraham Lincoln teaming up. A New York collector found the card after opening a jumbo pack he bought from Walmart. The variation versions of card No. 306 has “Baseball Abe” and Lincoln’s face on the scoreboard. For more news on the find check out Chris Olds Beckett Blog.

UPDATE – The New York collector Brian Lalonde contacted me about his great find, and to let me know a few more have been popping up on EBAY.  As of Friday, three are listed on EBAY, check them out

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe     #300405910821

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe   #260567435473

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe #270545700682

It’s been an intresting year for sport cards, in the last few months alot has happen, Topps & Upper Deck gone from the NBA for a Panini America exclusive, then Upper Deck bye bye baseball for the Topps exclusive, and now Topps is out of the NFL. According to reports Players Inc’s has decided to move forward with Panini and Upper Deck.