2011 Goodwin Champions Blaster Box Break

Posted: July 7, 2011 in 2011 Goodwin Champions, Box Break, Cam Newton, Tiger woods

2011 Goodwin Champions

12 packs per box – 4 cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Mario Lemieux, Rick Barry, Old Tom Morris, Super Saver

Pack 2

Jose Conseco, Tony Perez, Miller Huggins, John Mallinger (Black Mini)

Pack 3

John Havlicek, Derrick Rose, Cynthia Cooper, Herman Melville (Goodwin Citizens)

Pack 4

Walt Frazier, Whitey Ford, Mark Messier, John Mallinger (Mini)

Pack 5

Aaron Rodgers, Manfred von Richthofen, Nancy Kerrigan, Christine Sinclair

Pack 6

AJ Green, Greg Louganis, David Robinson, Carlton Fisk (Black Mini)

Pack 7

Hakeem Olajuwon, Johnny Bench, George Mallory, DeMarcus Cousins

Pack 8

Addie Joss, Gordie Howe, Tiger Woods, Matt Lipka (Mini) 

Pack 9

Cam Newton, Ray Bourque, Candace Parker, Charles Dickens

Pack 10

Julio Jones, Brandi Chastain, Bill Walton, Bruce Jenner (Black Mini)

Pack 11

Derrick Favors, Wayne Gretzky, Bill Laimbeer, Vincent Van Gogh

Pack 12

Jake Locker, Jerry West, Mike Smith, Ozzie Smith (Mini)


I like the break overall, each pack has alittle for everyone basketball, football, swimming, soccer, etc….. This blaster didnt score a game used or auto but did yeild 6 minis (3 black) and a Goodwin Citizens insert.  


  1. Harry Houdini says:

    I’m looking for the two HOUDINI cards, both the full size trading card and the vintage tobacco card “mini” style.

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