Stolen 2009 Bowmen Sterling Tommy Hanson

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Baseball Cards, Stolen Tommy Hanson Card

The following was posted by brechty on the Blowout Cards Message Board. If you see this card please report it.

2009 Bowman Sterling Tommy Hanson Gold Auto #35/50 BGS 9.5 AUTO 10

This card was skillfully stolen out of my checked luggage. I didn’t want to lose it so I hid it in a closed envelope inside the pocket of one of my folded pair of jeans at the bottom of my suitcase. When I got home last night, it was no where to be found. My luggage was checked at the International Airport in Charlotte, NC yesterday morning (Fri 23JUL10). Anyone have a clue if American Airlines will do anything about it? If you happen to see this card anywhere let me know, its currently the only one that is graded BGS.

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