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The Topps Legends site finally went live this week, and opened to mix reviews from collectors. Unlike the Topps Diamond baseball codes where you always got a card and then a “dig” to get a ring, the Legends site is slightly different. Collectors can uncover a special die-cut Super Bowl Legends card or one of the three types of digital items; Super Bowl coins, Super Bowl jerseys or digital rings.

I had 10 cards here’s a look at what I was able to unlock.

1) Lions Ring

2) Roger Staubach Ring

3) Joe Namath Card (Right)

4) Baltimore Colts – Super Bowl V

5) Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl IV

6) Washington Redskins – Super Bowl XXVI

7)New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl XLIV

8 ) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Super Bowl XXXVII

9)Rams Ring

10) New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVIII