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A Stephen Strasburg Topps Timeline.

For a card that is rumored to be #99 or lower, how does 29 (at the time of writing this) 2010 Topps Tribute Relic Auto Redemption cards of Stephen Strasburg all show up on ebay?  It seems that these cards would be harder to pull than what we were all chasing with Allen & Ginter. Stay tune, something is going on here….

Topps announced the latest four cards to their 2010 ETopps set. The cards include Adam Wainwright ($4.50 – 799), Evan Longoria ($5.00 – 999), and RRO cards of Drew Storan ($5.00 – 749) and Pedro Alvarez ($7.00 – 999).

If you missed last weeks ETopps offereing of Stephen Strasburg, there are plenty selling on EBAY already.