Rare Abraham in 2010 Topps Baseball

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Abraham Lincoln, Milton Bradley 2010 Topps, Topps

Another short-printed variation has been found in a pack of 2010 Topps Baseball and this time it’s Milton Bradley and Abraham Lincoln teaming up. A New York collector found the card after opening a jumbo pack he bought from Walmart. The variation versions of card No. 306 has “Baseball Abe” and Lincoln’s face on the scoreboard. For more news on the find check out Chris Olds Beckett Blog.

UPDATE – The New York collector Brian Lalonde contacted me about his great find, and to let me know a few more have been popping up on EBAY.  As of Friday, three are listed on EBAY, check them out

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe     #300405910821

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe   #260567435473

2010 Topps Milton Bradley/ Abe #270545700682

  1. Brian Lalonde says:

    I’m the New York collector that found it. It’s funny that people are blogging about this card and me. I must tell you that a third card has risen and it’s on ebay right now, listed for 500 dollars.

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