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Michael Sam 2While Michael Sam is in Indianapolis this week for the NFL Combine, Press Pass Inc. is hard at work putting together the incoming 2014 Draft Class set and that will include autograph cards of Michael Sam.

Earlier this week Press Pass Inc. announced “in conjunction with the return of its Press Pass Football product line, the first on-cards autographs of the incoming 2014 draft class. Collectors will have the opportunity to receive a free autograph card of ground-breaking rookie, Michael Sam.”  The release goes on to say that each hobby box will contain 6 autos from players like Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles along with many others.

That’s great you say but how do you grab that Sam auto? According to Press Pass Inc. collectors can claim their free auto, by sending the Hobby Box UPC Code, along with a 3″ x 5″ card with their name and complete address along with email address to:

 Press Pass Rookie Football 2014 – Michael Sam

9805 NorthCross Center Ct, Suite H

Huntersville, NC 28078

Also found this little item for dealers to spend alittle more on this product.

Michael Sam 

Ball xmasWhat is Operations Open-A-Pack? Well it goes back to a few years ago, a fellow collector would not open any thing he bought from November till Christmas, and then he would open it all on Christmas Day. This would include Ebay buys, Blasters, and Hobby boxes, including an annual trip to the November Sun-Time Show. In one way a great idea tons of pack to rip open, right? But I could never walk out of that Sun-Time Show boxes, yes boxes in hand not to open anything for a month, no way no how. So I’m taking his idea and putting a spin on it. Starting back on January 1st, every box – blaster and hobby box that I open, I’m putting 1 pack aside and will open all the packs on Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how many packs I end up with. Feel free to follow Operations Open-A-Pack by clicking here.  Also drop us a message if anyone else does anything like this, we’d be interested in hearing your way.

If you get a chance check out and his $500 Philadelphia Football Card Experiment. Here’s his post from earlier this week. Let’s help him get to his goal…

FROM – Voice of the collector

Last weekend we had a huge garage sale. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and we moved her into our attached rental unit. This is her second downsizing in 2 years. She had an auction and a previous huge tag sale at the time of the original downsize.

The lady that ran her tag sale, also does estate sales. She stopped by our garage sale with a box of older musty cards, most from the 1970’s. I gave her $20 for the box and upon closer inspection, I found these buried inside.


Yes, that’s right. 1967 Philadelphia Football 2nd year cards of legendary Bears greats, Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus. I already have a Sayers and there were actual two of the Butkus. 

Some of you may remember a recurring blog post by a shop owner by the name of Bob Brill and his Brill Report. He conducted what he called “The $10,000 Experiment” in which he started with a single purchased item for $10 and sold it at a profit, reinvested and repeated until he hit his monetary goal. I found it fascinating and miss it. 

So I figured despite not having a shop with people walking in to willing to sell me various items, that I’d give the experiment a try of my own, albeit on a smaller scale. Taking just these two cards, I’m going to sell them on eBay and use the money to reinvest in other things I think I can flip and repeat until I reach $500.

With everything I have going on, I hope I can commit to this, so wish me luck and let the games begin!

000_0001You’ve all seen the boxes that have the random packs and promise the world, well I tried my luck with the 12 assorted packs + 3 Fat Packs, and it has to be a G-R-E-A-T deal, the box says so… $35 + MSRP Value…. Lets rip and see what we got.

2010 Score – Dwight Freeney, Jonathan Babineaux (Gold Zone 158/299)

2011 Topps Legends – Roger Staubach (116/299) Emmit Smith, Torrey Smith (RC)

2011 Topps – Ed Reed

2012 Topps – Ray Rice (Tall Boy)

2012 Bowman – Doug Martin (Gold RC), Eli Manning

2009 R & S – Nate Davis – Michael Crabtree (Studio RC)

2011 Score – Jake Locker (Hot Rookie)

2012 HIT (2)- Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill

2008 Score – Devin Thomas (RC)

2011 Upper Deck – Jarvis Williams (Star Rookie)

2012 Young Stars – N/A

2011 score (Jumbo) – Brian Urlacher, Matt Forte (Glossy), JJ Watt RC

2012 Hit Jumbo (2) – Doug Martin, Robert Griffin III,



DPMsportcards has been doing breaks on Mojobreak for quit awhile, and MOJO has struck us. A great looking Ryan Williams Gold Standard NFL Logo 1/1.  Wanna see it pulled? Click here and go to the 5:00 minute mark.

2012 Certified Box Break

10 Packs – 5 Cards per pack

PACK 1 – Brandon Marshall, Frank Gore, Shonn Greene, Jared Cook, Ndamukong Suh, Marshall Falk (GU Immortals 84/199)

PACK 2 – Reggie Bush, Jamaal Charles, Cortland Finnegan, Willis McGahee, Michael Smith (New Generation RED 13/250)

PACK 3 – Antonio Brown, Roddy White, Doug Baldwin, AJ Green, Eli Manning, Lamar Miller (Freshman Fabric 128/149

PACK 4 – Dez Bryant, Matt Schaub, Nate Washington, DeAngelo Hall, Andre Branch (New Generation 27/999)

PACK 5 – Brandon Pettigrew, Mark Ingram, Beanie Wells. Philip Rivers, Rob Gronkowski, Robert Turbin ( Freshman Fabric GU AUTO 366/499)

PACK 6 – Chris Johnson, Miles Austin, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, Willie Brown (Immorals 509/999)

PACK 7 – Von Miller, Matthew Stafford, Mike Williams, Cameron Ware, Michael Turner (Blue 89/100)

PACK 8 – Steve Breaston, Charles Woodson, Karlos Dansby, ahmad Bradshaw Brian Urlacher (RED 44/250)

PACK 9 – Donald Brown, Christian Ponder, alex Smith, Tony Romo, Rashard Mendenhall, Jor Flacco (RED GU 71/99)

Pack 10 – Santonio Holmes, Jared Allen, Brandon Lloyd, Kenny Britt, Vinny Curry (New Generation 2/999)

2012 Bowman Football

8 Packs – 8 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Anquan Boldin, Eric Page RC, Morris Claiborne (RC Accolades), Nick Foles RC Bronze , Coby Fleener RC, Miles Austin,  Steve Breaston. Rashard Mendenhall

Pack 2

Carson Palmer, Michael Vick, Rishard Matthews RC, Stephen Hill/Calvin Johnson (Scouting Combine), Jarius wright RC, T.Y. Hilton RC, Plaxico Burress, Ben Tate

Pack 3

Ray Rice, Rob Gronkowski, Chandler Jones RC, Billy Winn RC, Janoris Jenkins RC Bronze , Fred Davis, Steven Jackson, Von Miller

Pack 4

Cam Newton, Aaron Hernandez, Dez Bryant, Jared Allen, Vernon Davis, Russell Wilson RC, Andrew Luck RC, Jacory Harris RC

Pack 5

Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Marshall, Davin Meggett RC, Mohamed Sanu RC Bronze, Chris Polk RC, Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Roddy White

Pack 6

Fred Jackson, Ryan Mathews, Arian Foster, whitney Mercilus RC, LaMichael James/Chris Polk (Scouting Combine), Greg Childs RC, Doug Martin RC, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Pack 7

Patrick Willis, Philip Rivers, Orson Charles RC, Austin Davis RC, Jeff Fuller RC, Jerel Worthy (ALL-American RC), Larry Fitzgerald, Shonn Greene

Pack 8

Mario Williams, Matt Flynn, Cam Johnson RC, Percy Harvin (Inside the Numbers), Chris Givens RC, Ryan Broyles RC, James Starks, Marques Colston

Leaf Trading Cards has filed a lawsuit against soon to be No. 1 Pick Andrew Luck. This all started when the former Stanford QB’s attorney issued a cease and desist letter demanding that Leaf stop selling cards showing Luck when he played in the 2008 U.S. Army All-American Bowl because they infringed on Luck’s publicity rights, but as we know from other lawsuits like the Topps Buzz Aldrin’s moonwalk suit, Luck should have no luck in this one.  Leaf Trading Cards added in a statement that they were “disappointed that it was forced to submit this matter to the judicial system.”

For more on the story check out “Law of Cards” over at The Cardboard Connection.

Even with Peyton Manning packing his bags and heading out West, the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis still exists, and for one collector it’s a great place to donate some of those sport cards. As I was checking out Freedom Cardboard Message Board  I came along this post by Joe (Better known as Muskiesfan). Here it is below….
Hey folks. On March 20th, my wife and I went to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to drop off some stuff for the children. We bought some stuffed animals and assorted toys, plus I took around 3,000 baseball and football cards. The nurses were impressed. They said that they knew the kids would love the cards and that no one has ever brought cards up for the kids before. So then the idea hit me. Why not run a card/toy drive on the boards and do a big donation for them.


They ask that the cards be newer, within the last 5 years or so. Any sport and team is fine. Some Colts and Pacers would be nice because they are local, but anything will do. If you would like to go to the Dollar Store and pick up a couple of toys for kids that may not be interested in cards, that’s fine. Here’s a wish list from the hospital if you would like to take a look at that as well:
I am planning on doing a large donation. If you want to donate, I’ll give you my address and you can send the items. Once I get everything in, my wife and I will take everything up there. My wife will take pictures so that we can share some photos. They may not let us interact with the children directly, but I’ll definitely have some photos of everything being delivered to the hospital.
I only want to help the kids. I will not be taking a donation slip for a tax write-off. I am not trying to get any kind of personal gain.
If you would like to participate, contact me and I will send you my address.
If you do not want to ship anything, please, check with your local children’s hospital. See if they will accept card donations. When I lived in Florida, my local hospital would not accept sports cards. If your local hospital does and you would rather donate there, absolutely no problem. This is all about brightening these kids’ days.
Thanks, Joe
You can contact Joe by going to Freedom Cardboard and searching for Muskiesfan.

2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack – $19.99

Here’s the highlights…..

Pack 1 – Sam Bradford, Eli Manning

Pack 2 – Aaron Rodgers

Pack 3 – Tim Tebow, Johnny White (Red Spectrum Rookie), Drew Brees

Pack 4 – David Harris (Gridiron Force), Jay Cutler

Pack 5 – Dwayne Harris (Rookie 144/399), Brian Urlacher, Michael Vick

Pack 6 – Greg Salas (Blue Spectrum Rookie 68/100), Tom Brady

Pack 7 – Andrian Peterson, Peyton Manning

Pack 8 – Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb (War Room Game Used)