2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football Break

Posted: November 3, 2011 in 2011 Absolute Memorabilia, Box Break, Football, Football Cards

2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack – $19.99

Here’s the highlights…..

Pack 1 – Sam Bradford, Eli Manning

Pack 2 – Aaron Rodgers

Pack 3 – Tim Tebow, Johnny White (Red Spectrum Rookie), Drew Brees

Pack 4 – David Harris (Gridiron Force), Jay Cutler

Pack 5 – Dwayne Harris (Rookie 144/399), Brian Urlacher, Michael Vick

Pack 6 – Greg Salas (Blue Spectrum Rookie 68/100), Tom Brady

Pack 7 – Andrian Peterson, Peyton Manning

Pack 8 – Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb (War Room Game Used) 

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