HEY!!! Whats in There, Box Break

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Box Break, Football, Football Cards

000_0001You’ve all seen the boxes that have the random packs and promise the world, well I tried my luck with the 12 assorted packs + 3 Fat Packs, and it has to be a G-R-E-A-T deal, the box says so… $35 + MSRP Value…. Lets rip and see what we got.

2010 Score – Dwight Freeney, Jonathan Babineaux (Gold Zone 158/299)

2011 Topps Legends – Roger Staubach (116/299) Emmit Smith, Torrey Smith (RC)

2011 Topps – Ed Reed

2012 Topps – Ray Rice (Tall Boy)

2012 Bowman – Doug Martin (Gold RC), Eli Manning

2009 R & S – Nate Davis – Michael Crabtree (Studio RC)

2011 Score – Jake Locker (Hot Rookie)

2012 HIT (2)- Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill

2008 Score – Devin Thomas (RC)

2011 Upper Deck – Jarvis Williams (Star Rookie)

2012 Young Stars – N/A

2011 score (Jumbo) – Brian Urlacher, Matt Forte (Glossy), JJ Watt RC

2012 Hit Jumbo (2) – Doug Martin, Robert Griffin III,

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