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Apparently there have been widespread issues with damaged Young Guns being pulled out of 2009/10 Upper Deck Series One boxes, and thats not good since the Young Guns are the main hits from this product. The dealer manning the Atlanta Sports Cards table at the Sun-Times show in Chicago, this weekend claimed it wasn’t true, and didn’t know anything about it. 

But apparently, Upper Deck noticed there was a problem, and during the Spring Expo in Toronto they took steps to attempt to correct it.  The following was posted at quincy at Hobby Insider:

On Thursday when the issue first came to light, they had an urgent high-level meeting. By Friday, sleeves of fresh, unblemished YG replacements were being packaged up from the printers to be sent to Expo and overseen by no less a person than UD’s CFO (according Karvin). They were overnighted, expedited through customs and actively being put into use by Saturday afternoon.

Apparently, YG replacements are being given to distributors after the close of Expo with instructions to spread the word and expedite card replacement as best they can. Not an ideal solution, but a pretty good one.  So, now it appears that the Tavares Young Gun that I was so excited to pull has been reprinted by Upper Deck.  Fine, if they were going to oversee a one-to-one exchange.  Not so good if they are pounding these out to their distributors.  There are shady characters in this hobby, and UD is relinquishing control of the major hits out of their flagship brand.

UD made things right with collectors at the Expo.  My main issue is that UD seems to have dealt with this problem in a panic, rather than giving this some deliberate thought, probably because they were faced with a number of angry people at their tables at the biggest show of the year for hockey.  That’s all well and good, but while those collectors were angry, and in person – they are by no means a majority.  These collectors were compensated (as everyone should be), and then some received a few extras as well.

So, for the guy in Vancouver who pulled these damaged Young Guns, here’s the situation.  He either has to send them back to UD (at his cost, probably tracked to make sure they don’t go missing, and in the interim they are probably going to lose 50 % of their value), or attempt to track down a distributor and try that route.

So, after listening to me rant, you are probably wondering if I have a better solution.  I do, but UD has already had many chances to implement it – fix their QC/QA department.  Or even better – actually a hire a QC/QA department.  Barring that?  Eat the criticism you get in person at the Expo, and ensure all collectors have equal access to these cards – and keep them all in your hands.  There might be one backdoor at UD, but that’s better than having Tavares Young Guns trickling out all over the continent.

Atlanta Sports Cards – $57.99

DAcardworld – $62.95

Blow Out Cards – $57.99

If you aren’t familiar with YouTube user “allenmp” apparently they are a few guys in the Philippines that open numerous  amounts of high priced products. Earlier this year they opened over 50 cases of Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball 2008-2009. So it’s good to know that all those great cards that most of us are chasing are probably sitting over in the Philippines. Check out the video, it’s pretty good and by the way Upper Deck said they will replace the empty box.

An Upper Deck Curse?

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Upper Deck

Is there really an Upper Deck curse? Mario, over at Wax Heaven has the full story on how Upper Deck lost the All-Star game for the National League back in 1996 and also how they cost Chicago the 2016 Olympics.

Inside 2009 Upper Deck Series One UD Predl products, the Upper Deck company released a nine-card insert set entitled: “Historic First Predictors.” Theses cards made nine bold predictions for 2009 and stated that if any of them came true during the course of the year that it would do “something big.” Well one of those cards was Chicago being named host city for the 2016 Summer Games, and on October 2nd, that might just happen. Check Upper Deck’s site for more on the Historic First Predictor cards.



Is this really a 1999 Upper Deck Piece of History 500 Home Run Club card of Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Willie Mays? Well, according to Beckett they believe it is, “It was a new one on us, too. We’d never even heard of it until recently, when it was brought to our attention by a prominent East Coast dealer and that there were at least four of these cards in existence.”

The card is copyrighted with a 1999 copyright and has that same 1999 Upper Deck A Piece of History design, but Upper Deck didn’t include mention of this card in any sales material or press announcements back then, but Upper Deck  officials have confirmed that the card is legitimate and Beckett Select is auctioning off one of just five known copies in existence. For more on this card, check out the story at Beckett.

GoodwinUD Goodwin Champions Retail Box

12 Packs – $19.99

Pack 1

BJ Upton, Paul Molitor, Chad Billingsley, Buffalo Bill (Mini)

Pack 2

Jason Giambi, Nolan Ryan, Rollie Fingers, David Ortiz

Pack 3

Jim Palmer, Adrian Gonzalez, Cole Hamels, Aaron Harang (Mini)

Pack 4

LeBron James,Jorge Posada,Chris Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger

Pack 5

Miguel Cabrera, Chad Reed, Al Kaline,Ryne Sandberg (Mini)

Pack 6

Ryne Sandberg,Adam Lind,Brooks Robinson,Kevin Durant (UD 20th)

Pack 7

Buffalo Bill Cody, Roy Oswalt, Kevin Garnett, Adrian Peterson (Mini)

Pack 8

Bucky Dent, Michael Beasley, Jeff Samardzija, Vladimir Guerrero

Pack 9

Carey Price, Kristi Yamaguchi, Todd Helton, Miguel Cabrera (Mini)

Pack 10

Joe DiMaggio, Chen-Ming Wang, Dice K, Lance Berkman (Black Mini)

Pack 11

Joey Votto, Grady Sizemore, Derrick Rose, LeBron James (Mini)

Pack 12

Alexander Ovechkin, Curtis Granderson, Carlton Fisk, Nick Markakis


For all you Blake Griffin fans, here’s something you must have and you can. It’s currently on Ebay as item #220485853324.

The seller puts it best, “I have acquired a grilled panini sandwich (turkey and cheese on flatbread), SIGNED on both halves BY BLAKE GRIFFIN.  When he signed the sandwich, he transferred his power into it, naturally.  One of the halves I have already eaten.  You can see video proof at my packstothepeople website on the internet.  The other half I have stored in a freezer.  You will be bidding on the half that was stored in the freezer.”



It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the old card shop, so while out the other day I decided to stop by and see what was new. Not to much, most the shelfs were empty, due to a “good” weekend. Which I guess is good overall, since that means some people might still be buying stuff.  So with not much to choose from I decide on 2 packs of 09 Upper Deck Football and a few packs of the 09-10 Bowman ’48 Basketball.  In the football packs I pulled a Chris “Beanie” Wells UD Rookie Jersey card, I thought that wasn’t to bad, then I moved onto the ’48 Bowman and pulled a O.J. Mayo Auto card. In all I realized I might have to stop in that old shop alittle more often.

You would think I would stops throwing money at these retail boxes, but when your standing in line and see them, you think why not, it’s like a $20 lotto ticket. So here we go again.

10 Packs Per Box – 8 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1 

Josh Beckett (OPC)

Pack 2

Mark Teixeira (OPC)

Albert Pujols

Pack 3

Jose Reyes (SQ Gold Rare)

Pack 4

Derek Jeter (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Pack 5

Ryan Weber (USA)

Pack 6

Melky Cabrera (YSL)

Pack 7

Joba Chamberlain (YSL)

Pack 8

Colton Cain (USA)

Alex Rodriguez

Pack 9

Cecil Tanner (USA)

Pack 10

Historic First Gas Prices

Chae Utley (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Rafael Furcal Game used

2009 Upper Deck Baseball

10 Packs – 8 Cards per box – $19.99

Pack 1

Carlos Quentin

Alex Gordon

Chipper Jones – Star Quest

Pack 2

Phillies Team Leader Howard,Hamels,Rollins

USA Jak Arrieta

Clayton Kershaw

Pack 3

Gorbachev World History

Rays Team Leaders – Pena,Iwamura, Upton

Pack 4

Hanley Ramirez – Star Quest Gold

Jim Thome Season Highlights

Pack 5

YSL Derek Jeter Game 6689

Pack 6

Paul Konerko

Jeff Samardzija

Bluejays Team Leaders – Halladay, Burnett,Rios

YSL Alex Rodriguez Game 6702

Pack 7

Ryan Braun Star Quest

Pack 8

USA Jacob Turner

Twins Team Leader Morneau,Mauer, Gomez

Pack 9

David Ortiz Star Quest Emerald Super Rare

Pack 10

Barack Obama Historic Firsts

Grady Sizemore Star Quest Gold Rare

CC Sabathia Game Used

Final Score    Scores are given best of 5 

Rookie Cards * 

Inserts  ***

Game Used/Auto ***   

Design ***

Price  **

Not a bad box for $20, a nice game used card, a couple nice Yankee cards and a Obama card. I like the Upper Deck design this year also, nice clear photos. I’m not a big fan of the Star Quest cards but for a retail box, not to bad