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Sellers To Check Out

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Baseball Cards, EBAY

thumbs upCollectors are so quick to throw out the block buyer/seller when a deal goes south on Ebay and I’m right there with you. Just check the link up top labled Block List. But how about the sellers that delivery the goods everyday? So besides the Block List, I will start posting links to Sellers You Gota Check Out (SYGCO) These sellers will be posted for a number of reason. Good service, great items listed, etc… So check out the list and Happy collecting.

UPDATE – The first round of the auction ended on June 30th with no bids. With a $115,800 starting bid, or a $151,000 Buy It Now, it seems that may have kept Bird fans away or was it the option of “Local Pickup” only (Colorado) or the seller having a feedback of (2). We’ll keep an eye out on LOT 2 and 3 or see if Lot 1 gets reposted.


It’s being called the biggest Larry Bird Collection of all-time, just 675 items that range from signed basketballs, pictures, shoes, signed folding chairs, the list goes on and on and its all going on the auction block June 20th.

The collections owner, Randy Switser, has teamed up with Boston Sports Memorabilia to auction off these items via Ebay over the next ten days.

Auction Gallery Links






The saying goes that sex sells, but does it sell trading cards? This has been addressed in a few hobby message boards and searching around on Ebay I did find some sellers that use “models” to promote what they were selling. Check out a sample of what springcreeknaturals1 has listed.



Those look like BGS 10’s and the cards don’t look bad either. Leader In Sports uses the models to model the jersey items that they are selling, but does this make collectors bid more? What do you think?


Topps National Chicle Baseball

24 Packs – 8 Cards per pack – Hobby Box

Eddie Mathews Cabinet Card

Drew Stubbs Auto

Juan Francisco Auto Redemption Card

Orlando Hudson #190 National Chicle Back

Scott Feldman  #146 Bazooka Back

Duke Snider #166 National Chicle Back

Will Venable #196 National Chicle Back

Chone Figgins #89 Bazooka Back

Lance Berkman #305 National Chicle Back

Carlos Zambrano #124 National Chicle Back

Jason Bay #44 National Chicle Back

Torii Hunter #101 Bazooka Back

This is a great set if you like the art looking cards. This box was short my game used card, and I know every box cant be a winner but I wasn’t too happy with my auto’s either.

For all you Blake Griffin fans, here’s something you must have and you can. It’s currently on Ebay as item #220485853324.

The seller puts it best, “I have acquired a grilled panini sandwich (turkey and cheese on flatbread), SIGNED on both halves BY BLAKE GRIFFIN.  When he signed the sandwich, he transferred his power into it, naturally.  One of the halves I have already eaten.  You can see video proof at my packstothepeople website on the internet.  The other half I have stored in a freezer.  You will be bidding on the half that was stored in the freezer.”