Ebay Blocked List

Thumbs downWatch out for these guys, they love to bid but find it hard to pay up.


brandonlovessam3233 – Claims he didnt have the money, which was $3, yet continued to bid and pay on his other bids…. BLOCKED

jayke4444 – Bid $5 and won, never heard from him, no payment, no email, nothing…. BLOCKED

Codmaster419 – Thread on Blowout click here

ashland1989_5 – Bid on two of my items and won both but Kelsey Geary couldn’t afford the $1.98 that he owed… BLOCKED

jlw702 – Waited till a non-payment case was opened before deciding that he bid on the “wrong” card. To follow he tried be a tough guy with his emails afterwards. BTW here’s a Thread on Blowout on himBLOCKED

More to Avoid

jcarter74, brandonlovessam3233, jayke4444, kooskoos4yoose, flyinggoats1966,Keitfloy-2


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