2009 UD Baseball Retail Box

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Baseball Cards, Box Break, Upper Deck

You would think I would stops throwing money at these retail boxes, but when your standing in line and see them, you think why not, it’s like a $20 lotto ticket. So here we go again.

10 Packs Per Box – 8 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1 

Josh Beckett (OPC)

Pack 2

Mark Teixeira (OPC)

Albert Pujols

Pack 3

Jose Reyes (SQ Gold Rare)

Pack 4

Derek Jeter (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Pack 5

Ryan Weber (USA)

Pack 6

Melky Cabrera (YSL)

Pack 7

Joba Chamberlain (YSL)

Pack 8

Colton Cain (USA)

Alex Rodriguez

Pack 9

Cecil Tanner (USA)

Pack 10

Historic First Gas Prices

Chae Utley (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Rafael Furcal Game used

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