The National Sports Collectors Convention

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Chicago, NSCC, NSCC Arrested Dealer, The National

It’s the event we’ve all waited for, The National Sports Collectors Convention and that it was coming back to the best city in the U.S.A made it even better. Flash back to about 9 months ago, that’s when the Dr. told me and the wife that we were expecting our first child, yes the week of The National. So DPM, will not be in Chicago but plans are in the works for next year in Baltimore.  I will be posting stories, links, and tweets from other collectors this week that are at the National so be sure to check back often. Have a great week, collectors…..

BLOG Stories

Sports Collector Daily – Things to do near Stephens Convention Center

The Cardboard Connection – A Practical Guide to attending NSCC

Sports Cards Uncensored – Giveaways and Swag Rule the Show

Beckett – Five Ways to Enjoy The National from Afar – Chris Goes to The National Day 1

Sports Collector Daily – Game Worn Dealer Arrested

Beckett – Vintage at the National

Upper Deck – What your missing at The National Sports Collectors Convention

Sports Collector Daily – National Thoughts

Beckett – Man Wins Rare Shoeless Joe Jackson Cut Sig

Sports Collector Daily – Thefts Take Fun Out of National

Beckett – Doug Cataldo (VFTS) on Beckett, wow.


@Chrisolds2009 – This year’s custom business card for the show. With variations…

@WesYee –  Just offered two NFL first round pick 1/1’s for a Kourtney Kardashian auto and got turned down

@Chrisolds2009 – Topps was asked during its #NSCC session whether it was planning to do video cards. Its response of no was met with a smattering of applause

@FCBlanning – #nscc quotable quotes…..”and that was the night I traded punches with a 70 year old man” #collect

Click here for NSCC Photos

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