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We’ll start with the Good, and that goes to Dave & Adam’s Card World for the launch of their new series called “Cards Matter” According to D&A, “This initiative was created to bring positivity to hobby members dealing with adversity in some way, and to show the support that surrounds them in this great community.” Check out the first episode below which tells Jimmy Freiberg Jr story.


The Bad goes to the awesome dealer, that was set up last week at a local show. He had a case of cards and some singles, along with a few boxes that had signs on them that said, “All cards $2, unless marked” I spent some time going through the boxes, not much I was looking for and grabbed 2 cards that were not marked. So according to his sign, thats $4. So I show him the cards I was buying and he goes $5. So I look at the toploaders back and front just to make sure I didnt miss something and I looked at his sign again. He points to one of the cards and goes, “Thats one $3” Now mind you before the hate mail, the $1 didnt mean a thing to me, but the point of the sign does. You wanna change prices on your cards, its your table go right ahead, but dont put signs up advertising one price and then changing them when a collector goes to buy, thats complete horse shit.


The value box is not for everyone, some collectors like to spend hours searching boxes looking for deals, sometimes you find some and sometimes you dont. So I’m at this guys table, and he has two four boxes set up of $1 cards and some decent stuff in it for the asking price of a $1. So I’m half way through one of the boxes and this collector, (we’ll call him that) come over looks through about half of a row in the box, calls the dealer over and goes, “I think I’m wasting my time here, did you plant any big prize cards in your boxes?” For what he had in there, alot of it was pretty good deals for $1, but I guess everybody is looking for the Big Score handed to them…