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Box/case breaks are hotter than they ever been and wont disappear any time soon. You can find a break now from anything to random team, player, or a new one that I’ve seen is the number break, which actually isn’t that bad. A number of sites are offering breaks and everyone has their favorites for one reason or another. Here’s the list of breaks sites that I use, in no order…


Exchanger Card Breaks

Collector Revolution

Bills Box Breaks

For the collectors that haven’t jumped into breaks yet or not really sure how it all works, the guys over at Mojo put together a video to explain it all… (Plus bonus pts for the nice 8bit video game soundtrack)



Upper Deck gave collectors a peak at the new big Jordan sneaker cards, but in reading the message boards a lot of collectors had the same question. ARE THESE GAME USED? Well according to collectors on the boards, they claimed UD wouldn’t answer that question. They did come forward and answered that later on Twitter.


The show “A Piece of the Game” is back, and now you may be able to be part of an upcoming show.  APOTG will be at Baseball Card Exchange in Schererville,IN on November 24th, from 10-5 filming segments of #Whaddayagot. Looking how you can watch the show, Click Here.