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Topps has released its 2013 Allen & Ginter last week with surprises inside packs and inside the actually box. Which I like the idea, but once again also can give a black eye on the hobby. Make sure when you buy those boxes, that the top doesn’t have creases in it. The box I review here had a crease along the top of the box but was wrapped and couldn’t have been tampered with but might have been felt up like a pack at a retail store. Here’s a look at some of the pulls from my box of 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter.

A&G 2013





Walton, Price, Molina, McCutchen, Martin, Milone, Yount, Marcum, Brett, Garcia, Lemon, Fisk

MINI: 24

Base Mini (11) McCarthy, Meriweather, Fisk, Eovaldi, Lange, Barney, Pierzynski, Andrus, Ellis, Harper, Walton

Base Mini A&G Back (6) Segura, Jones Jr, Culpo, Rosario, Jose Fernandez, Haren

Base Mini Black Border (2) Jeter, Kershaw

Famous Finds Mini (1) King Tut’s Tomb

Inquiring Minds (2) Plato, Sun Tzu

Codes Ciphers & Cryptographs (1) The Voynich Manuscript

The First Americans (1) Sioux


Civilizations Ages Past (3) Aztecs, Byzantine, Phoenicians

Martial Masters (3) Zulu, Romans, Knights

Palaces & Strongholds (3) Fort Knox, Gyeongbokgung, Potala Palace

One Little Corner (3) Pluto, Comet, Mars

Across the Years (12) Bruce, Altuve, Ripken Jr, Williams, Reggie Jackson, Gonzalez, Reyes, Musial, Killebrew, Cobb, Morgan, Cain

Auto (1) 

Avisail Garcia

Game Used (2)

Rafael Furcal, Matt Kemp

Chris Guzman has a love for collecting autographs, and it was one day while trying to get that sig he realized that he needed something to make him stand out from all those other autograph hounds. That’s when Chris did what he does best, “I decided to use my art talents and love of boxing to my advantage.”

Chris started painting portraits of famous boxers and celebrities onto the gloves, and then having the gloves autographed, making them a true one-of-a-kind Guzman Glove. Check out Guzman’s art here and watch his story on WGN.

Collector's Den

If your in the Indianapolis area in July you might want to swing over to Collectors Den in Castleton Square Mall. On July 16th former Purdue star and now Boston Celtic JaJuan Johnson will be signing free autographs. On July 26th, the “Hit King” will be in the house. Pete Rose will be signing from 6:30-8:30. For more info on tickets and details call 317-841-8472

I busted a box of 2011 Gypsy Queen a few weeks ago, and as most I was missing an auto. About two weeks ago I finally got around to sending in my box bottom and my info and today in the mail I received from Topps my missing auto…… Drum Roll Please……

Daniel Hudson