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I’ve being hearing alot of hype about this Panini Prizm, and in the number of hobby packs I’ve opened I havent seen much, including the few I got yesterday at the LCS. So then news of how “Limited” the retail Prizm would be, but as you know I’m trying to cut back on that retail thing. (Is there a patch for that or gum?) I hit the local Wal-Mart, sure enough retail Prizm. So not to bore you with the pack by pack blow of this product I will give you the 3 “hits” out of the 5 packs. (See Below) Dr. J (Green), Carmelo (Green), Charles Jenkins (Auto).



Of course I couldn’t get out of there with out a blaster also… So we went with 2012 Absolute Football.

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack
PACK 1 – Roethlisberger, Peterson (Ground Hogs), Peyton Manning, Cutler, Bradford, McFadden, Harvin, Kolb, Chris Johnson, Collie

Pack 2 – Greene, Romo, Locker, Nicks, AJ Green, Rice, Steve Johnson, Vick, Wallace, Matt Ryan 

Pack 3 – Bowe, Fitgerald, Cribbs, Palmer, Clark, DeMaryius Thomas, Steve Smith, Peterson, Bryant, Holmes, Bernard Pierce (Star Gazing GU)

Pack 4 – Davis, Mike Thomas, Eli Manning, Dalton, Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Heyward-Bey, Mendenhall, Wells, Cassel

Pack 5 – Witten, McGahee, Newton, Schaub, Maclin, Sanchez, Helu Jr, Marshall, Little, Brady

Pack 6 – Daniel Thomas, Blount, Suh, Boldin, Brees, Vincent Jackson, Jennings, Ray Lewis, Colston, Jones-Drew

Pack 7 – Brown, Mathews, Gronkowski, White, Foster, GOre, Hernandez, Santana Moss, Forte, Rivers

Pack 8 – DeSean Jackson, Reggie Bush, Lynch, Johnson Jr, Flacco, Bess, Freeman, Rodgers, Rice, Sproles

Not much to that box, but very nice looking base set.