Yes, The 2014 Bip Awards

Posted: January 13, 2015 in A Cardboard Problem, Baseball Cards, BIP Awards

UPDATE – The nominations are in and the polls are open. So check it out and vote, polls are open until January 31 at midnight.  “A Cardboard Problem”

As I usually do at 4:17 in the AM, checking out Ebay auctions or the numerous sports collector blogs that I follow, I clicked on A Cardboard Problem It’s one of the blogs that I do have listed (See Below Left) but just haven’t been to in awhile. You should check it out, currently they are hosting The 2014 Bip Awards, which honors the best of the blogging community in the trading card industry. Here are the list of categories:trophy

Best blog of the year
Rookie of the year (favorite new blog)
Best industry-related news source
Most generous blogger
Best non-baseball blog (sports-related)
Best non-sports blog
Best blog post (Was there one blog post that stood out to you this year?)
Best recurring subject
Blog you wish would come back
Social media: Best Twitter feed
Social media: Best Instagram account

So get over to A Cardbaord Problem and get to voting.. Nominations are being taken now, then on Saturday, January 17, the five nominees, 10 for Blog of the Year, will be announced. The voting will take place for the two weeks after that.


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