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Ball xmasWhat is Operations Open-A-Pack? Well it goes back to a few years ago, a fellow collector would not open any thing he bought from November till Christmas, and then he would open it all on Christmas Day. This would include Ebay buys, Blasters, and Hobby boxes, including an annual trip to the November Sun-Time Show. In one way a great idea tons of pack to rip open, right? But I could never walk out of that Sun-Time Show boxes, yes boxes in hand not to open anything for a month, no way no how. So I’m taking his idea and putting a spin on it. Starting back on January 1st, every box – blaster and hobby box that I open, I’m putting 1 pack aside and will open all the packs on Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how many packs I end up with. Feel free to follow Operations Open-A-Pack by clicking here.  Also drop us a message if anyone else does anything like this, we’d be interested in hearing your way.

000_0004Yep, what is it and why can I buy it at my local retail store? That being said, Panini Retrospection Collection is one of the new blasters that you’ll be seeing on your local retail shelfs, but what makes this box different is the 5 packs that you get are HOBBY packs. Each box contains (2) 2012-13 Past & Present packs, (2) 2012-13 Elite, and (1) 2012-13 contenders all for $21.99.

I didn’t pull much of anything out of this box, I think a better buy, even with these being Hobby packs, would have been Topps Chrome football or even 2013-14 Hoops with autos falling about 1 a blaster. I give this new “Hobby” retail idea a pass.

Even with Peyton Manning packing his bags and heading out West, the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis still exists, and for one collector it’s a great place to donate some of those sport cards. As I was checking out Freedom Cardboard Message Board  I came along this post by Joe (Better known as Muskiesfan). Here it is below….
Hey folks. On March 20th, my wife and I went to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to drop off some stuff for the children. We bought some stuffed animals and assorted toys, plus I took around 3,000 baseball and football cards. The nurses were impressed. They said that they knew the kids would love the cards and that no one has ever brought cards up for the kids before. So then the idea hit me. Why not run a card/toy drive on the boards and do a big donation for them.


They ask that the cards be newer, within the last 5 years or so. Any sport and team is fine. Some Colts and Pacers would be nice because they are local, but anything will do. If you would like to go to the Dollar Store and pick up a couple of toys for kids that may not be interested in cards, that’s fine. Here’s a wish list from the hospital if you would like to take a look at that as well:
I am planning on doing a large donation. If you want to donate, I’ll give you my address and you can send the items. Once I get everything in, my wife and I will take everything up there. My wife will take pictures so that we can share some photos. They may not let us interact with the children directly, but I’ll definitely have some photos of everything being delivered to the hospital.
I only want to help the kids. I will not be taking a donation slip for a tax write-off. I am not trying to get any kind of personal gain.
If you would like to participate, contact me and I will send you my address.
If you do not want to ship anything, please, check with your local children’s hospital. See if they will accept card donations. When I lived in Florida, my local hospital would not accept sports cards. If your local hospital does and you would rather donate there, absolutely no problem. This is all about brightening these kids’ days.
Thanks, Joe
You can contact Joe by going to Freedom Cardboard and searching for Muskiesfan.

COMC will be at the Chicago Suntimes Show November 18th-20th.  Steve Hollander  an employee, with COMC  handles the responsibilities for Card Show drop-offs. Collectors can drop off their cards at the COMC booth and save on postage.  A COMC spokesperson says Card Show drop-offs are getting so popular, we thought it best to put up a convenient guide to where you can find Steve over the coming months. Check it out by clicking here.


As I Searched through Netflix, it got me thinking of movies based around baseball cards. The list of sports movies goes on and on, everything from baseball, football, hockey, etc, etc……… But when it comes to making that list of cardboard on the big screen, Hollywood just doesn’t see it I guess. I found the following two movies Diminished Capacity, Where a Chicago newspaper editor suffers a concussion that takes him from the political pages to comic strip detail. He travels home to rural Missouri where his aging Uncle Rollie is on the verge of losing his home and has memory problems of his own, but selling his rare expensive card could solve his money problems.

The other movie I found was Cop Out. A movie about two New York cops on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card which leads them to a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster.

There’s got to be more cardboard love on the big screen, right? Drop us a comment if you know of any other sport card movies.

Check out this Baseball Card Commercial for The 7th Inning Stretch, a card store that was in Evansville,IN. Looks to be shot around 1990.

2010-11 Donruss Basketball Box Break

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Jose Calderon, Brad Miller, Daniel Gibson, Jason Williams (Green Die Cut), Maurice Evans, Chauncey Billups, Boris Diaw, Ron Artest, Bobcats TC, Xavier Henry (RR)

Pack 2

Marc Gasol, Ramon Sessions. Nate Robinson, Dirk Nowitzki(Craftsmen Insert 28/100), Nene, LeBron James, Luke Ridnour, Cavs TC, Greg Monroe (RR), Grant Hill

Pack 3

Tyler Hansbrough, Andres Nocioni, Brendan Haywood, Michael Redd (Green Die Cut), Udonis Haslem, Marcus Camby, Dwight Howard, Bucks TC, Carl Landry, Dominique Jones (RR)

Pack 4

Zach Randolph, Toney Douglas, Dirk Nowitzki, Jarrett Jack (Green Die Cut), Serge Ibaka, Kirk Hinrich, George Hill,Celtics TC, Derrick Favors (RR), Jared Dudley

Pack 5

Derrick Rose, Sam Young, Ben Gordon, Rashard Lewis(Production Line 90/999), Rudy Fernendez, James Harden, Josh Howard, Okalahoma TC, Steve Nash, Kevin Seraphin (RR)

Pack 6

Caron Butler, Jarrett Jack, OJ Mayo, Tyreke Evans (Production Line Die Cut Green), Antonio McDyess, Gerald Wallace, Al Harrington, Hawks TC, Quincy Pondexter (RR), Jordan Crawford (RR)

Pack 7

 Anderson Varejao, Kendrick Perkins, Danny Granger, Marc Gasol (Game Used Production Line 190/399), Jason Kidd (Magicians 697/999) Derrick Brown, Kevin Love, Mario Chalmers, Checklist, Paul George (RR), Samuel Dalembert

Pack 8

Jrue Holiday, Shawn Marion, Sonny Weems, David Lee(Green Die Cut), Corey BrewerCarlos Arroyo, David Lee, Trail Blazers TC, Cole Aldrich (RR), Pau Gosol

OVERALL –  Not a bad box break for $20.00, plenty of inserts, Rookies, and even a game used. I like the look of the cards with the old style picture colors, and the back with the 1983 baseball style backs.