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2014 Topps

With temps around -10 to -15 here in the Midwest, 2014 Topps baseball couldn’t come at a better time. Hopefully this release in a few days will help warm things up. So until we are able to rip packs we’ll have to settle for just checking out the checklist. Here’s a link to the full 2014 checklist that Beckett has released.

Ball xmasWhat is Operations Open-A-Pack? Well it goes back to a few years ago, a fellow collector would not open any thing he bought from November till Christmas, and then he would open it all on Christmas Day. This would include Ebay buys, Blasters, and Hobby boxes, including an annual trip to the November Sun-Time Show. In one way a great idea tons of pack to rip open, right? But I could never walk out of that Sun-Time Show boxes, yes boxes in hand not to open anything for a month, no way no how. So I’m taking his idea and putting a spin on it. Starting back on January 1st, every box – blaster and hobby box that I open, I’m putting 1 pack aside and will open all the packs on Christmas. It’ll be interesting to see how many packs I end up with. Feel free to follow Operations Open-A-Pack by clicking here.  Also drop us a message if anyone else does anything like this, we’d be interested in hearing your way.

My Youtube Follows

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Baseball Cards, beckett, Hobby Shop

With so much media out there for collectors to watch, listen, tweet and retweet here is a list of some of the guys I follow on Youtube.TV Some do breaks, some do mail days, and some just talk cards. If you have some time check some of these guys out.

Sports Collectors Daily



Sports Card Radio

Beckett National 30

Exchanger Card Breaks

Collectors Stuck Inside?

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Baseball Cards

While most of the Midwest is stuck in the house this week due to snow and cold weather, DPM wants to know what the hell are you doing??? Take the poll….