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It’s the time of year to reflect back over the last year and ahead to the new. The following list are friends, places, and sites that I spend my time, money, and even just hang out at. They range from blogs, forums, and card shops, places that you should check out if your in town or have some free time surfing the web. So here we go in no order….

1) Sports Collectors Daily – A great site to check out for sports collecting news. Stories are added every day, Monday-Friday. SCDaily gathers card collecting news and stories about the sports memorabilia industry from outlets coast-to-coast, but also publish completely original sports collecting news stories you won’t see anywhere else. The President and Editor of Sports Collectors Daily Incorporated, Rich Mueller, is a long-time television sports anchor, reporter and online journalist that understands what collectors want to read about. (You can also add Fantasy Football Champion to his resume this year)

2) Cardboard Connection Radio – This show hosted by Card Corner Club founder Doug Cataldo, Voice of the Collector’s, Rob Bertrand and Sportsology’s Russ Cohen, it is the longest-running collectibles and trading card show and is broadcasted live every Wednesday and Friday nights on  Past guests of the show include Sy Berger, Tracy Hackler, Clay Luraschi, Alan Biegel, Dr. Brian Price, Brian Gray, Chris Carlin, Scott Prusha, Lance Fischer, Dick Perez, J.P. Cohen, Harris Toser, Mark Sapir, and Brian Wallos among many others. Be sure to tune in, you wont be disappointed.

3) Sports Card Radio – While were on the topic of sport card radio, here’s another good one to check out ran by Colin Tedards and his brother Ryan, who also runs Sports Card News. From the podcast, the website and Twitter these guys have it covered, a great job this last year covering The National, I look forward to meeting you guys in Chicago if you guys make the trip.

4) Baseball Card Exchange – The BCE, has really brought the LCS back to the city of Indianapolis. Dont get me wrong there has always been a handful of shops, and card shows on the weekends around here, but owner Andy Albert has given the hobby a big needed boost in this area with case breaks, giveaways, and friendly collector service, willing to help anyone form the super collector to the novice that may just want to look around. Stop in and see Andy, Glenn, Dick or Mindy the store is located at 8519 Westfield Blvd – Indianapolis,IN 46240.

5) -Mojobreak was created when two sports card enthusiats, Dan and Doug, realized that they could turn there love for sports cards into a nice hobby business. Mojobreak does its breaks by team so you can pick your favorite team at a fraction of the price. There maybe other sites that do this also, it seems more and more have been poping up all the time, but MojoBreak does it a step above. Great service all around… from the breaks, posting the videos, to the packaging and shipping.

6)More Fun Sports Cards -Owner Ken Zajkowski has been a collector himself for over 40 years, and has been in business for over 30 years. MFSC’s has an extensive inventory that’s second to none, and has friendly, knowledgeable, personal service from Ken and his staff. Check out his Facebook page here, and when in the Region stop by located at 706 Joliet St. (Route 30) in Dyer, IN 46311.

There are many other collectors that help keep this hobby fun, check out my twitter @DPMsportcards to see and follow some of those collectors…. Good Luck to everyone in 2013 and Happy New Year!!!!

I’ve being hearing alot of hype about this Panini Prizm, and in the number of hobby packs I’ve opened I havent seen much, including the few I got yesterday at the LCS. So then news of how “Limited” the retail Prizm would be, but as you know I’m trying to cut back on that retail thing. (Is there a patch for that or gum?) I hit the local Wal-Mart, sure enough retail Prizm. So not to bore you with the pack by pack blow of this product I will give you the 3 “hits” out of the 5 packs. (See Below) Dr. J (Green), Carmelo (Green), Charles Jenkins (Auto).



Of course I couldn’t get out of there with out a blaster also… So we went with 2012 Absolute Football.

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack
PACK 1 – Roethlisberger, Peterson (Ground Hogs), Peyton Manning, Cutler, Bradford, McFadden, Harvin, Kolb, Chris Johnson, Collie

Pack 2 – Greene, Romo, Locker, Nicks, AJ Green, Rice, Steve Johnson, Vick, Wallace, Matt Ryan 

Pack 3 – Bowe, Fitgerald, Cribbs, Palmer, Clark, DeMaryius Thomas, Steve Smith, Peterson, Bryant, Holmes, Bernard Pierce (Star Gazing GU)

Pack 4 – Davis, Mike Thomas, Eli Manning, Dalton, Nelson, Fitzpatrick, Heyward-Bey, Mendenhall, Wells, Cassel

Pack 5 – Witten, McGahee, Newton, Schaub, Maclin, Sanchez, Helu Jr, Marshall, Little, Brady

Pack 6 – Daniel Thomas, Blount, Suh, Boldin, Brees, Vincent Jackson, Jennings, Ray Lewis, Colston, Jones-Drew

Pack 7 – Brown, Mathews, Gronkowski, White, Foster, GOre, Hernandez, Santana Moss, Forte, Rivers

Pack 8 – DeSean Jackson, Reggie Bush, Lynch, Johnson Jr, Flacco, Bess, Freeman, Rodgers, Rice, Sproles

Not much to that box, but very nice looking base set.