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Preordered 2 boxes of 2012 Chrome from D&A back on April 30th and was able to get them for $65.95 a box. Here’s the break down of the box breaks.

24 Packs per box – 4 Cards per pack

Box 1

Base set completion: 79 of 220 (36%)

RC Refractors

Doubles: 0

Refractors: 8 – Craig Kimbrel, Ryan Lavarnway, Buster Posey, Andrew McCutchen, Dan Uggla, Anibal Sanchez, Yu Darvish, Leonys Martin

XFractors: 4 – Ricky Romero, Yovani Gallardo, Elvis Andrus, Matt Hague

Blue Refractor: 1 – Omar Infante 11/199

Black Refractor: 1 – Edwin Encarnacion 30/100

Gold Refractor: 1 – Giancarlo Stanton 2/50

Red Refractor: 0

Dynamic Die Cut: 1 – Robinson Cano

Rookie Auto: 1 – Drew Hutchison

Dual Auto: 1 – Yu Darvish / Bryce Harper 10/10

Box 2

Base set completion:  78 of 220 (35%)

Doubles: 0

Refractors: 8 – Dustin Pedroia, Mark Reynolds, Michael Morse, Adam Lind, Yoenis Cespedes, Bryce Harper, Matt Adams, Chris Davis

XFractors: 4 – Joe Mauer, Brian Wilson, Brandon Beachy, Xavier Avery

Blue Refractor: 1 – Kirk Nieuwenhuis 196/199

Black Refractor: 1 – Carlos Beltran 42/100

Gold Refractor: 0

Red Refractor: 1 – Ryan Zimmerman 7/25

Dynamic Die Cut: 1 -Ichiro

Rookie Auto Refractor: 1 – Trevor Bauer 144/499

Rookie Auto: 1 – Wily Peralta

2012 Goodwin Champions Retail Box Break

12 Packs – 4 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1 – Pete Rose, Kawhi Leonard, Mike Bossy, Matthew Andriese (Mini)

Pack 2 – Adrian Peterson, Randy Couture, Ned Williamson, Abby Wambach

Pack 3 – Marques Colston, CSS Virginia (Military Machines), Clint Dempsey, John Kruk

Pack 4 – Clyde Drexler, Carole Lombard (Mini), Trent Richardson, Karl Malone

Pack 5 – Chris Paul, David Robinson, Edwin Booth, Laura Enever

Pack 6 – Don Mattingly, Billy Hamilton, Mario Lemieux (Green Lady Luck Mini), Wendel Clark

Pack 7 – Elgin Baylor, Ozzie Smith, Anderson Silva, Joey Chestnut

Pack 8 – Charles White, Mia Hamm, Robert Griffin III, Matthew Andriese (Mini, again)

Pack 9 – Gary Woodland, Kenny Perry, Kit Carson, Eric Lindros

Pack 10 – Christian Ponder, Dawn Harper, Hulk Hogan (Event worn Memorabilia)

Pack 11 – Steve Nash, Mike Bossy (Mini), Jozy Altidore, Mike Tyson

Pack 12 – Jim O’Rourke, Stan Lee, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Arnold Palmer

This years Goodwin Champions is a very colorful set and has many SP’s and even SSP’s to chase, including many different mini versions. Some collectors arent a big fan of this product because the lack of uniforms, but check out RG3 in his tux, Mattingly in his nice sweater, or even Pete Rose looking like he’s just leaving the softball diamond some of these cards have an interesting look. My “Hit” was a Hulk Hogan Event Used memorabilia card, which I was actually ok with since I grew up a Hulkamania fan, it was a nice “blast” from the pass. Overall a nice break for $20. For a complete checklist of 2012 Goodwin Champions click here.

So much to see yet so little time as the 2012 National is almost over.  Those great deals, and unbelievable finds will all be over this time tomorrow leaving us collectors wanting more and waiting for next year in Chicago. This years show seemed to have enough of a mix for all collectors, no matter what you might have been looking for. Vintage, Boxes, single cards, game used the list could go on and on, if you wanted it there was a good chance someone had it… Well almost, let’s just say I’m still searching for those 2006 Topps World Series cards I need. Here’s a quick rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of this week.


1. Lines – They line up early in hopes to crack packs and boxes  in order to grab those redemption packs but some collectors were left out when the lines were cut off, leaving them holding boxes that they only bought to get those “Special” cards. Gotta be a better way to handle this.

2. Heard some talk of dealers not giving “deals”  – I didnt see to much of this in fact, got a few items cheaper by talking the guys down but what I did see at a few tables, were alot of cards overpriced to begin with.

3. Blowout Giveaway Guy – A GREAT idea by Blowout, the 3 o’clock give away. I understand that you could use your tickets from the day before and by Saturday people had a few tickets, but the guy standing next to me had to have at least 50, YES 50!!!! After each number was called he’d go through them one by one, shocked he wasnt winning. Like it or not in the end he walked away holding those tickets… No Win For You!!!

4. More Lines – This years list of autograph guest was pretty impressive, but once again there must be a better way in handling this. I did get one auto from my free VIP tickets and didnt have to wait super long, but when I’m at the show the last thing I would want to do is wait in line for 3-4 hours.

5. Yuuuuuuuup – People paying for Storage Wars star Dave Hester’s autograph.


1. Selection – Like I said, the show had everything. Tables filled with rare graded cards to the guy that had tubs were every item was just $1. (That table ate up some of my time)

2. Twitter – A great tool, to let collectors know what was going on when and where. It really was used well this year.

3. Twitter 2 – I gotta give a shout out to @SportsCollector and @SportsCardNews these guys had the show covered, giving updates on everything both on Twitter and the web, a must follow for collectors.

4. Box Breaks – A wide selection of boxes/cases available from Blowout, D&A, Atlanta Sports Cards, Pittsburgh Sports Cards, Baseball Card Exchange and few more that I left out.

5.  Ball Boys – The crew was out and about, and very open to talking shop with fans and collectors. A great way to get the word out and get that 2nd season on air.

6. Blowout – The giveaways were a great idea, it brought people 3 to 4 rows deep around there table. I looked over at some of the other tables selling ‘wax” while this was going on only to see those people watching the giveaway also.

7. Blowout 2 – Swedish Fish, enough said….

8. Bins – If you spend the time, O the things you may find. Alot of dealers had there bargain bins out, cards for .25 cents to $1 and some great buys.


1. Mel Ott bat being “Misplaced” – This is a hard to believe story on many levels and hopefully has a happy ending. Check out these stories on the missing bat – Beckett and Sports Collector Daily

Thats a quick recap of the good, bad, and the ugly from this weeks National. Check back later as I add a few more items.