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2011 Topps American Pie

8 Packs Р6 Cards per pack Р$19.99

Pack 1

To Kill A Mocking Bird, Gary Grant, The Godfather Published, Grady the Cow (Foil), New Coke, The Walkman

Pack 2

Hank Williams, Spencer Tracy, Hank Williams (WOF), Christopher Reeve, Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right

Pack 3

Hopalong Cassidy, First Instant Camera, Jimmy Stewart, Tickle Me Elmo (’90’s Fads), American Top 40, The¬†Simpson’s

Pack 4

First Corvette, Leave It To Beaver, Cornrows (HH), OJ Simpson Not Guilty, Survivor, Harry Potter

Pack 5

Fantasticks, Instant Replay Used, Doomsday Clock, Wheel of Fortune (Foil), Osama Bin Laden Killed, Court allows recordings

Pack 6

Death of a salesman, On The Road, Rod Serling (WOF), Nancy Kerrigan Attacked, Luke & Laura Marry, ESPN Launches

Pack 7

Rod Serling, Zip Codes, The Fantastic Four, Mood Rings (’70s FF), Ramonrs, Secretariat’s Triple Crown

Pack 8

Johnny Cash, Disneyland Opens, Fred Astaire (WOF), Vincent Pastore (Memorabilia)

A very interesting product, if your not looking for anything sports related. This set only has a few cards representing sports, but as far as the celebration of American Pop Culture this is a pretty good product.