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AP Photo/Journal Star, David Zalaznik

Chicago Cubs fan Joe Couri, had a interesting drive home the other night. According to the Journal Star in Peoria, Couri says he was driving along Interstate 74 in central Illinois when an accident backed up traffic, thats when he said he saw a World Series hat among debris on the road.

It turns out it wasnt just any old hat but a 2011 World Series championship cap autographed by some of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, and get this the Chicago Cubs fan wants to give it back.

Couri¬†says the hat is signed by Freese, Molina, Motte¬†and others including an “unexpected auto”. Couri hopes the owner will come forward to get his hat back and be able to tell who that “unexpected auto” is

2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football

8 Packs – 10 Cards per pack – $19.99

Here’s the highlights…..

Pack 1 – Sam Bradford, Eli Manning

Pack 2 – Aaron Rodgers

Pack 3 – Tim Tebow, Johnny White (Red Spectrum Rookie), Drew Brees

Pack 4 – David Harris (Gridiron Force), Jay Cutler

Pack 5 РDwayne Harris (Rookie 144/399), Brian Urlacher, Michael Vick

Pack 6 – Greg Salas (Blue Spectrum Rookie 68/100), Tom Brady

Pack 7 – Andrian Peterson, Peyton Manning

Pack 8 РBen Roethlisberger, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb (War Room Game Used)