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**Breaking News** Auto’s not in set, check it here.

2011 Bowman Platinum Blaster Box Break

8 Packs – 4 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Mark Trumbo, Justin Upton, Cole Hamels, Adam Warren (BPP)

Pack 2

Josh Johnson (Red), Jayson Werth, Aroldis Chapman, Domingo Santana (BPP)

Pack 3

Cito Culver (BPP X-Frac), Jason Heyward, Joey Votto, Daniel Descalso

Pack 4

Matt Holliday, Andre Ethier, Adam Jones, Matt Dominguez (BPP)

Pack 5

Alex Rodriguez, Roy Oswalt, Felix Hernandez, Drew Vettleson (BPP)

Pack 6

Michael Pineda, Torii Hunter, Carlos Pena   (Missing Card)

Pack 7

Clayton Kershaw, Josh Hamilton, Dustin Pedroia, Sammy Solis (BPP X-Frac)

Pack 8

Hunter Pence, Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Trumbp (Gold), Allen Webster (BPP)

Overall very nice looking cards. This box didnt have an auto, not that I expected one, after all it was a blaster box, but it did have a few X-fractors, Red and Gold cards. Might pick a few of more of these up. 

As I Searched through Netflix, it got me thinking of movies based around baseball cards. The list of sports movies goes on and on, everything from baseball, football, hockey, etc, etc……… But when it comes to making that list of cardboard on the big screen, Hollywood just doesn’t see it I guess. I found the following two movies Diminished Capacity, Where a Chicago newspaper editor suffers a concussion that takes him from the political pages to comic strip detail. He travels home to rural Missouri where his aging Uncle Rollie is on the verge of losing his home and has memory problems of his own, but selling his rare expensive card could solve his money problems.

The other movie I found was Cop Out. A movie about two New York cops on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card which leads them to a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster.

There’s got to be more cardboard love on the big screen, right? Drop us a comment if you know of any other sport card movies.

There may be another great Gretzky card to chase in years to come,  but this time it wont be on the ice. According to The Toronto Sun, Trevor Gretzky, who is the son of “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky has signed with the Chicago Cubs, instead of playing  at San Diego State. Hall of Famer and Coach at San Diego State Tony Gwynn said “We heard he signed with the Cubs on Monday,”

Trevor scouts pretty good for his power potential, but one scout adds he has a long way to go.  So which card company jumps on this first? Maybe a Trevor/Wayne auto card? Stay Tune…..

Check out this Baseball Card Commercial for The 7th Inning Stretch, a card store that was in Evansville,IN. Looks to be shot around 1990.

Allen & Ginter is alive and well and does it bring out the pack searchers. I stopped by Target the other night to grab a few packs to see what all the hype is about this year, only to be greeted by a pack searcher. I had to take a double take,I thought for sure this guy was Kyle Petty, maybe looking for his own card? Well as I snuck up behind him, I let out a find anything good yet. He didnt know what to say…. I finally got, O… I just got here.  I found a few rack packs, which I asked him if he had searched yet, he said he hadn’t. So I ended up with a few “unsearched” packs. Some nice looking cards, with lot of gimmick chase cards, autos, and game used to go after, but I feel I’m not going to get caught in the hype this year. Maybe a few packs or blaster boxes but I’ll leave the rest to the case breakers and pack searchers, and wait for another product to throw my cash at. Below is a video with some of the big hits thats Allen & Ginter brings this year, check it out….

When Christian Lopez decided to return Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball on Saturday it’s a good chance he didnt expect what would happen in the next few days. Since Lopez was nice enough to give Jeter the ball instead of trying to cash in on it the Yankees offered up some memorabilia and luxury box tickets to the remaining home games.  Overall, a nice trade right? Well now comes word that Lopez would owe anywhere between $5,000-$14,000 in taxes on his “free” items. Lopez told the Daily News, “Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to pay the taxes,” “The IRS has a job to do, so I’m not going to hold it against them, but it would be cool if they helped me out a little on this.”

The gifts keep coming for Lopez, coming to Topps packs soon will be a Christian Lopez baseball card and he’ll choose the image for its 2012 Jeter card. O yeah, he’ll also get a 2009 World Series ring. Lopez said he collected cards as a kid, and probably has a couple thousand baseball cards.

2011 Goodwin Champions

12 packs per box – 4 cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Mario Lemieux, Rick Barry, Old Tom Morris, Super Saver

Pack 2

Jose Conseco, Tony Perez, Miller Huggins, John Mallinger (Black Mini)

Pack 3

John Havlicek, Derrick Rose, Cynthia Cooper, Herman Melville (Goodwin Citizens)

Pack 4

Walt Frazier, Whitey Ford, Mark Messier, John Mallinger (Mini)

Pack 5

Aaron Rodgers, Manfred von Richthofen, Nancy Kerrigan, Christine Sinclair

Pack 6

AJ Green, Greg Louganis, David Robinson, Carlton Fisk (Black Mini)

Pack 7

Hakeem Olajuwon, Johnny Bench, George Mallory, DeMarcus Cousins

Pack 8

Addie Joss, Gordie Howe, Tiger Woods, Matt Lipka (Mini) 

Pack 9

Cam Newton, Ray Bourque, Candace Parker, Charles Dickens

Pack 10

Julio Jones, Brandi Chastain, Bill Walton, Bruce Jenner (Black Mini)

Pack 11

Derrick Favors, Wayne Gretzky, Bill Laimbeer, Vincent Van Gogh

Pack 12

Jake Locker, Jerry West, Mike Smith, Ozzie Smith (Mini)


I like the break overall, each pack has alittle for everyone basketball, football, swimming, soccer, etc….. This blaster didnt score a game used or auto but did yeild 6 minis (3 black) and a Goodwin Citizens insert.