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bukerByron Buker, has an impressive collection of personal memorabilia, and each one holds its own unique story. Over the past decade and a half, Buker has become quite savvy in capturing some of the top names auto’s. Sean Duncan from the Times-Mail in Bedford, Indiana has more on Buker and his collection, click here.

You would think I would stops throwing money at these retail boxes, but when your standing in line and see them, you think why not, it’s like a $20 lotto ticket. So here we go again.

10 Packs Per Box – 8 Cards per pack – $19.99

Pack 1 

Josh Beckett (OPC)

Pack 2

Mark Teixeira (OPC)

Albert Pujols

Pack 3

Jose Reyes (SQ Gold Rare)

Pack 4

Derek Jeter (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Pack 5

Ryan Weber (USA)

Pack 6

Melky Cabrera (YSL)

Pack 7

Joba Chamberlain (YSL)

Pack 8

Colton Cain (USA)

Alex Rodriguez

Pack 9

Cecil Tanner (USA)

Pack 10

Historic First Gas Prices

Chae Utley (SQ Blue Uncommon)

Rafael Furcal Game used

International ETopps

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Baseball Cards, ETopps

With the start of the 2009 World Baseball Classic, eTopps has another great offer to take your money by featuring players taking part in this year’s WBC tournament. The World Baseball Classic, will be issuing a special limited collection of 12 cards featuring the biggest stars from some of the participating countries.  Monday, the first eTopps World Baseball Classic cards were available for purchase via online offering. Each card will be available for seven days, and will be sequentially numbered to limited quantities. For more info on these click here

2009 UD Spectrum Baseball Box Break

7 Packs – 4 Cards per Pack – $19.99

Pack 1

Adam Dunn

Troy Glaus

Rick Ankiel

Chase Utley

Pack 2

Carlos Lee

Dice K

Victor Martinez

Joe Mauer

Pack 3

Johnny Bench UD20th

BJ Upton (Blue)


Mariano Rivera

Pack 4

Justin Verlander

Clayton Kershaw

Carl Crawford

Nate McLouth

Pack 5

JD Drew

Grady Sizemore

Aramis Ramirez

Albert Pujols

Pack 6

Mark Teixeira

Troy Tulowitzki

Frank Thomas

Prince Fielder

Pack 7

Alex Gordon

Johan Santana

Dan Haren (Game Used)

Ken Griffey

Brian Roberts

Final Score    Scores are given best of 5 

Rookie Cards * 

Inserts  *

Game Used/Auto *   

Design  1/2

Price  *

Bad cards, bad design, stay away. Guys that were traded last year still in their old uniforms. Case in point Ken Griffey Jr’s card. It shows Griffey in his Reds uniform, the card has a White Sox logo. Come on… and your even more behind becuase know he’s back in Seattle.