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How Much Is That Worth?

Posted: January 16, 2009 in General Card News

A new partnership could give Beckett a run on the Price guide market. Check out this story!!!

2008-09 Fleer Basketball Retail Box (Yes, Retail again)

20 Packs Per box – 8 Cards Per Pack – $19.97

The following pack by pack break down will list cards that I like, inserts, and great looking cards but not every card in the box. Hope you enjoy.

Pack 1

Deron Williams

Pack 2

Anthony Randolph RC

Jason Richardson ’88-’89 Retro

Kevin Durant

Pack 3

Eric Gordon ’86-’87 Retro Rookie

Pack 4

Shaquille O’Neal All-Star Sensations

Eric Gordon/Joe Alexander/DJ Augustin Rookie Card

Pack 5

Jermaine O’Neal (Pacers uniform W/ Stephan Jackson in background) How old is this photo?

Greg Oden

Pack 6

Kosta Koufos RC

Darrell Arthue ’86-’87 Retro Rookie

Pack 7

Lebron James

Dirk Nowitzki All-Star Sensations

Pack 8

Brook Lopez RC

Andrew Bogut ’88-’89 Retro

Pack 9

Michael Beasley ’86-’87 Retro Rookie

Pack 10

Marreese Speights/Roy Hibbert/JaVale McGee RC

Pack 11

Joe Alexander ’86-’87 Retro Rookie


Pack 12

Ryan Anderson RC


Steve Nash

Pack 13

Kevin Garnett

Jamal Crawford ’88-’89 Retro

Pack 14

Danny Granger

Courtney Lee RC

Kevin Love ’86-’87 Retro Rookie

Pack 15

James Worthy (Living Legend)

Pack 16

Tim Duncan

Pack 17

Roy Hibbert ’86-’87 Retro Rookie

Pack 18

Kyle Weaver RC

Steve Nash ’88-’89 Retro

Allen Iverson

Pack 19

Rasheed wallace ’88-’89 retro

Mike Conley

Kobe Bryant

Pack 20

Joey Dorsey RC

Rudy Fernandez ’86-’87 Retro

2 Bonus Glossy Packs

Lebron James

Brook Lopez ’86-’87 Retro Rookie Glossy

Dwyane Wade

Joey Dorsey ’86-’87 Retro Rookie Glossy

Final Score    Scores are given best of 5 

Rookie Cards  **

Inserts  ***  (17 different Inserts)

Game Used/Auto

Design * 

Price  *

Not to much to the design of this product, very basic and simple. Back of the base cards includes stats, team name and postion with not much more. The Retro cards are ok, but kinda of old after Fleer already doing that idea just last year. The Living Legends sub-set is a nice addition. A ok product if your looking for something cheap to open or to build a basketball set, like I said, you’ll get some inserts (17) but if your looking for value this isn’t the place.

New Year – No Retail

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Baseball Cards


The goal this year was to cut back on retail spending. Here in the middle of Indiana, there aren’t many avenues for buying hobby boxes or packs, just the other day I arrived at the shop that I usually go to, and I find nothing but an empty store, another hobby shop out of business. So last year I found my self buying alot of boxes here and there. Go to Wal-Mart grab a box of 08 Topps, hit the Meijer a couple more boxes of 08 Bowman. I think you get the point, a few auto’s here and there but not to much to speak of. So most of my spending this year will be single cards on the bay or more spending on higher end hobby boxes. WOW what a great idea, well 11 days into the new year and I fell off the wagon. I picked up my first blaster box of the year – 2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. Some nice looking cards and a “big hit” if that’s what you want to call it. A Brad Salmon Signs of the Future card. Man, I need to stick to some hobby boxes like this one on the far left.


Mail Day

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Baseball Cards, Mail Day

Yesterday’s trip to the mail box brought my latest pickup, a 1990 Leaf Frank Thomas Rookie #300 – BGS 9. As a White Sox fan, growing up, this was the card. Many of times I would price this card looking to buy, but one reason or another would end up with wax or something else, but not this time and at a bargin price of just under 5 bucks.


A New Blog and More

Posted: January 7, 2009 in General Card News

bonds-elite2Yes, this is the first of many blog post that will be about Sports Cards and more. Once I find out all about how this works, readers will be able to look forward to post about sports cards, such as Card of the week, Hobby stories, Box Breaks, and much much more. So hang in there this blog doesn’t look like much now but we’ll see what it’ll be soon, Hopefully.  If anyone has comments or tips please drop us a line.