If you live in the Midwest, this Saturday, the 28th of March, you need to load up the car, hit the ATM and head to 2764 East 55th Place Indianapolis,IN That’s just 250 Miles from St. Louis, 185 miles from Chicago, and 120 Miles from Louisville but in the end may just be worth the drive. Ripley Auctions will be holding a Premier Single Owner Sports and Entertainment Estate sale of Alex Henig. You ask, who was Alex Henig? I’ll let Ripley’s Auctions answer that “Alex was a high-profile, energetic and well-connected promoter and ticket agent in California from the 1950s until his death in 1993. This amazing collection of memorabilia has remained in the family until now. It will be sold in entirety, without reserve, in a series of monthly auctions.”  The auction starts at 10am (Indianapolis time) and as I can tell includes over 400 lots of items. Some of those items include the following; 1982 San Francisco 49ers Signed Team Mounted Poster Signatures include Dwight Clark and Roger Craig  , Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo , USFL 1985 Houston Gamblers Game Used Signed Football Approximately 28 signatures including HOF QB Jim Kelly. and many more items. You can check out the preview catalog by clicking here. 






The news around the hobby hasn’t been the best so far in 2015, first the news of Press Pass folding and now word comes that Cardboard Connection Radio will be doing the same. The guys over there were top notch when it came to sports cards, non-sports, etc…. They knew their stuff, and it gave collectors a great avenue to just listen/talk about cardboard twice a week. I couldn’t always listen live, but I can tell you I didn’t miss a show, by putting them on my ipod those guys were always there, maybe a few days, a week, or even a month later but it was always great hearing about the latest news, rumors, or even some of the great guests they have had over the years. The following is a post that Host Doug Cataldo posted on the Cardboard Connection Radio Facebook page on Friday Night.

 “And now the end is near. And so I face the final curtain. My friend I’ll say it clear. I’ll state my case of which I’m certain.

I’ve lived a life that’s full. I traveled each and every highway. And more, much more than this
I did it my way”.

-Frank Sinatra

For the past 15 years I have dedicated two nights a week and several hours per day providing whomever would listen or read commentary on the hobby known as trading card collecting. Luckily for us, a lot of people listened! As a collector since I was five years old, the hobby hooked me. I also collected toys. I don’t know what it was about building sets, going to the store to open packs and chew that gum, but like clockwork, I did it. That magical feeling of getting your favorite player, or more precise, the exact card you wanted to pull is still a thrill today. But the hobby has changed for me. Now it is more of a gamble, a much more expensive gamble. That thrill in my opinion is nullified by the fear of not getting anything you wanted or anything of substantial enough value to justify what you spent.

In this venture we have called Cardboard Connection Radio, that began as a conversation between Russ Cohen and I at an Army-Navy football game in 1999, I have been blessed to have great partners that have helped us improve our delivery of content over the years. I would go to war with those guys, and I was lucky to find people, or have people find us, that could make it seem that nothing was missing if any one of us was absent from a show or event to spend time with our families, or if we just needed some time off.

When we closed our last show for 2014, we were working on doing some truly amazing things for 2015, things that at some point I will probably regret not doing. But something else happened during the holiday break. I realized how little time I was spending with my family. I worked all day, and then on top of it I worked through most of the night each night. When it came time to come back, we had a conversation that resulted in us taking a longer break and seeing where we stood after a few weeks.

That brings us to today. After a couple of long conversations, we realized that we had different aspirations and wanted to try new and different things. We realized that we gathered on Wednesday and Friday to hang out with each other and our collecting friends. We also realized that we really enjoyed the time off and having that extra time with our family. That is why, after 15 years, we are deciding to enjoy that time more.

It has been an amazing 15 years. From our first live broadcast at the NHL All-Star Game to becoming the MCs of the first-ever National Sports Collectors Convention Case Breaking Pavilion, we have never looked back and always tried to be ground-breakers.

To our loyal listeners, thank you for letting us into your lives. We couldn’t have lasted as long without you.

-Doug Cataldo

Well guys let me just say its been a great run, and hope to still see you guys around a Sun-Times Show or The National.




UPDATE – The nominations are in and the polls are open. So check it out and vote, polls are open until January 31 at midnight.  “A Cardboard Problem”

As I usually do at 4:17 in the AM, checking out Ebay auctions or the numerous sports collector blogs that I follow, I clicked on A Cardboard Problem It’s one of the blogs that I do have listed (See Below Left) but just haven’t been to in awhile. You should check it out, currently they are hosting The 2014 Bip Awards, which honors the best of the blogging community in the trading card industry. Here are the list of categories:trophy

Best blog of the year
Rookie of the year (favorite new blog)
Best industry-related news source
Most generous blogger
Best non-baseball blog (sports-related)
Best non-sports blog
Best blog post (Was there one blog post that stood out to you this year?)
Best recurring subject
Blog you wish would come back
Social media: Best Twitter feed
Social media: Best Instagram account

So get over to A Cardbaord Problem and get to voting.. Nominations are being taken now, then on Saturday, January 17, the five nominees, 10 for Blog of the Year, will be announced. The voting will take place for the two weeks after that.


Press Pass Run is Over

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Press Pass

Press Pass thanks collectors for there support on company website

Press Pass

Below is what was a year long project, not a lot of money was put into it, but will have some fun ripping these 50 packs on Thursday. I haven’t decided yet if this will continue next year or not, but here’s a list of some of what was pulled.


What is Operations Open-A-Pack? Well it goes back to a few years ago, a fellow collector would not open any thing he bought from November till Christmas, and then he would open it all on Christmas Day. This would include Ebay buys, Blasters, and Hobby boxes, including a annual trip to the November Sun-Time Show. In one way a great idea tons of pack to rip open, right? But I could never walk out of that Sun-Time Show boxes, yes boxes in hand not to open anything for a month, no way no how. So I’m taking his idea and putting a spin on it. Starting back on January 1st, almost every box – blaster and hobby box that I open, I’m putting 1 pack aside and will open all the packs on Christmas. Below is the list of what the box holds.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX – 50 packs

3    2013 Topps Chrome Football – Knile Davis (Refractor RC), Andrew Luck, Manti Te’o (XFractor RC)

1     2012-13 Elite Basketball – Tim Duncan, Jeremy Lin (Craftsmen),

3     2013 Cooperstown Baseball – Tony Gwynn (Disc),

4    2013 Archives Baseball – Carlton Fisk (All Star), Yu Darvish, Paul Molitor (All-Star), Dwight Gooden (Gold 85/199)

1     2013-14 Prizm Basketball – Chris Mullin

1     2014 Topps Baseball – Yasiel Puig, Buster Posey (Blue)

3     2013-14 Pinnacle Basketball – Anthony Davis (The Naturals), LeBron James (Position Powers),

1     2013 Topps Magic Football – Joe Greene, Bo Jackson

1     2014 UD SP Golf – Mike Weir, Jack Nicklaus

1     2012 Topps Baseball – Randy wells (GOLD)

2     2014 Topps Heritage – Mike Trout

2     2014 Bowman Baseball – Bryce Harper

1     2013 Topps Archives Football – Tom Brady

1     2014 Prizm Baseball – Evan Longoria, Jedd Gyorko (Prizm), Reymond Fuentes (RC)

1     2013 Topps Chrome Baseball – Miguel Cabrera, Eury Perez (RC)

1     2014 Score Football – Sammy Watkins (RC)

1     2014 Allen & Ginter – Cal Ripken Jr, Yu Darvish (Pastimes)

1     2014 Goodwin Champions – Dan Marino,

1     2014 Rookie & Stars Football – Robert Griffin III, Jerick McKinnon (RC), Jadeveon Clowney (RC)

2     2014 Topps Prime Football – Andrew Luck, Jeremy Hill (Blue RC)

1     2014 Bowman Football – Kenny Stills (Diecut)

2     2013-14 Prizm Hockey – Sean Collins (RC)

1     2014-15 Fleer Ultra Hockey – Duncan Keith

1     2014-15 Prestige Basketball – Joel Embiid (Red Bonus Shots 61/199)Gordon Hayward (Franchise Favorites)

1     2014 Topps Valor Football – Marcus Allen, Bishop Sankey (RC)

1     2014-15 NBA Hoops – Kelly Olynyk (RC Remembrance Jersey), Magic Johnson (Fast Lane)

1     2014 Topps Update Baseball – Masahiro Tanaka (Power Players)

1     2012 SP Golf – Bill Haas (Rookie)

1     2011-12 Pinnacle Hockey – Taylor Hall / Tandems west (Foundation)

1     2012 Score Football – Jay Cutler

2     2013 Prizm Football – Quinton Patton (RC)

2     2012 Prestige Football – Lions Connections, Saints Connections, Nick Toon (RC)

1     2011 Prestige Football – Dexter McCluster (Rookie Review), Andy Dalton (RC)

1     2013 Strata Football – DeAndre Hopkins (RC)

1     2013 Topps Platinum Football – Reggie Wayne, Justin Hunter (RC Chrome)

We take a look back at The Sports Collectible Show that aired on Shop At Home and hosted by Don West. Tonight Don tries to sell us not 1, not 2, not 3, but 19 YES 19 complete factory sets!!!!! Enjoy….

The saying goes that sex sells, but does it sell trading cards? This has been addressed in a few hobby message boards and searching around on Ebay I did find some sellers that use “models” to promote what they were selling. Check out a sample of what springcreeknaturals1 has listed.



Those look like BGS 10’s and the cards don’t look bad either. Leader In Sports uses the models to model the jersey items that they are selling, but does this make collectors bid more? What do you think?